Thursday, August 27, 2020

Auto-Prime Insurance

 The Prime Motor Insurance Policy provides 3 levels of cover. They are:


Provides cover for only third party liabilities that may arise from an accident caused by the vehicle of the Insured. This is the lowest form of coverage under our motor insurance.


Provides cover as said under the third party only and in addition, where the vehicle or its accessories are stolen or damaged by fire, Prime Insurance pays for such losses


provides cover as detailed under the third party only and third party fire and theft and in addition Prime Insurance will pay for  accidental loss or damage to the vehicle.


Motor Insurance-Vanguard Life


Liabilities arising from motor accidents can be enormous, resulting in huge financial losses. Apart from damage to or total destruction of one’s own vehicle or motorcycle, other peoples' properties may also be damaged or destroyed. Worse of all, human beings may die or get injured.
Vanguard Assurance has three types of policies available to cover these liabilities. According to your requirements, you may choose from any of our three options below:-


a. It gives the widest cover including that given by each of the two mentioned above. It gives indemnity in respect of:

  • accidental collision or over-turning
  • fire, self-ignition
  • external explosion, lightening
  • burglary, housebreaking, theft
  • malicious damage
  • damage whilst in transit by rail, inland water-way, lift or elevator
b. Reasonable cost of protection and towage when an accident occurs Buy Online


As the name implies, this policy insures the vehicle itself against:

  • Loss or damage caused by fire or theft in addition to the insured's legal liability to third-parties as indicated in 1 above
  • Personal accident benefit to the insured and driver
The vehicle could be damaged or totally destroyed by risks other than fire or theft. Couldn't it? Vanguard has the policy which will cushion you against these other risk exposures which is The Comprehensive Cover. Click here to get yourself one.


Covers the insured’s legal liability for injury to or death of third parties and damage to third party property such as vehicles, buildings, kiosks, traffic lights etc. It does not however extend to a passenger's luggage, bags, wristwatches and other persoal effects.
Do you want to cater for liabilities to third parties only? What about some cover for your own cherished vehicle? Click here.


Auto-Prime Insurance

  The Prime Motor Insurance Policy provides 3 levels of cover. They are: THIRD PARTY ONLY Provides cover for only third party liabilities th...